Large Fowl

Here is a selection of Large Fowl chickens we have had in our breeding stock during the last couple of years to the present day, along with the eggs related to them.

French Marans

We have French Marans in Copper Blue, Black and Wheaton. This breed was developed as a layer. The Maran is a fairly sizeable fowl with characteristic, elongated body shape. If they are looked after well and approached calmly they are friendly creatures, and seldom or never aggressive so popular with children and adults alike. Marans are suitable for wandering about the yard or garden freely as well as for the run. One of the most remarkable qualities of this breed is the very dark reddish brown to dark brown coloured eggs as shown in the photographs.

French Wheaton Maran at Sals Pure Breeds in WalesFrench Wheaton Maran at Sals Pure Breeds in GwentDark Brown eggsDark Brown eggs


We have Brahmas in Gold Partridge, Blue Partridge, Dark and Silver Blue. These are some of the best you will find, with bloodlines from Osbourne, Coleene and Middleton. Sometimes referred to as ‘The King Of Chicken Breeds’, Brahmas make good reliable broodies which can cover a large number of eggs due to their size. The eggs are small and low in number but chicks hatch strongly and grow quickly. Hens don’t usually start to lay until they are around six or seven months old and the eggs are as small as those of the larger miniature breeds. They do continue laying throughout the winter unlike some pure breeds. Their feathering is just beautiful and they are very elegant birds. They are generally calm birds with abundant soft feathers which produces lovely big floppy feet! A real winner!

Blue Partridge Braham Hen in monmouthshireBrahma feather siteBuying poultryBlue Partridge Large Brahma Pair
Blue Partridge Large BrahmaLarge Fowl Dark BrahmaBlue Partridge Brahma Hen

Crested Cream Legbar

We have recently had some special home reared Cream Legbars. The Cream Legbar is an autosexing breed, meaning it can be sexed from day old by the colour of the chicks down – This breed was developed in the 1930’s by crosses of Brown Leghorns/Barred Plymouth Rocks, and Araucana. They are a recognised pure breed and lay a medium sized light blue egg, a hardy bird suitable for free ranging. Due to the Leghorn ancestry they can be flighty, but are otherwise friendly, fantastic for families – A good choice for anyone wanting blue eggs, with the major benefits of autosexing for future breeding.

Crested Cream LegbarLight blue hatching eggs sals pure breeds monmouthLegbars of broadwayCrested Cream Legbars

Buff Sussex & Light Sussex

A fine looking breed and very popular. The Sussex originated in the county of Sussex. The original colours were brown, red and speckled. The Sussex today is still a very popular breed to keep. Bred to be a dual purpose bird, it is one of the most productive breeds around today. The hens lay large eggs that are cream to light brown in colour. The Sussex is one of the oldest breeds that are still in existence today. Through winter 2010 and on to Spring 2011 we have a pen with Buff Sussex Cockerel running with some Nick Smith exhibition light strain Sussex hens. By doing this you will hatch pure Buff sussex Pullets and split Cockerels. The Cockerel chicks are white when born and the pullet chicks are yellow.

Buff SussexFree range eggs suppliers



The Welsummer is named after the village of Welsum in Holland. A very popular bird that lays lovely dark brown terracotta coloured eggs, they are a classic farmyard fowl, popularised by the Kelloggs Cornflakes rooster. Their head has a single comb, medium wattles, almond shaped ear lobes and a strong, short beak. They have yellow legs which fade to pale yellow in summer and reddish bay eyes. It is thought that the Brahma, Cochin, Malay, the dark brown egg laying Croad Langshan and later, the Rhode Island Red and Brown Leghorn is in the make up of these birds.

We are lucky enough to have the best quality bloodlines from Bowkett and Lobb which are probably the best in the UK and are award winning Welsummers. You don’t want to miss these!

Farmyard Fowl welsummerKellogs Cornflakes roosterWelsummer Dark Brown egg