Bantams are a small variety of chickens. The name derives from the city of Bantam in Indonesia from where they came and where sailors found them useful. Being smaller they required less space on their ships. A lot of the larger breeds have a bantam equivalent. They are kept mainly for showing although they can fit in well to the small back garden, as they require less space. Their eggs are about half the size of normal eggs.

Here is a selection of Bantam chickens we have had in our breeding stock, all top quality birds.

Blue Partridge and Gold Partridge Brahma Bantam

Again lovely looking birds. In years past we’ve had a pen with Blue Partridge hens running with a Gold Partridge rooster. This produces an offspring that is 50% Blue Partridge and 50% Gold Partridge.

Dark Brahma Bantam

A big favourite with lots of people this one. Very calm and docile in nature, very good foragers. They make good pets and excellent starter chickens for those of you who are looking to get started somewhere! They do also make very good show birds too.

Dark Brahma BantamsDark Brahma bantams